Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Bit of Renovating

Hello Simmers welcome to my blog, as you can see this is in its very early stages of development more will be added between now and Christmas.
This blog will mainly just be for my lots that I make available for download, but I may do the odd posting of any crafty stuff I do especially this time of year, as I love to do all kinds of different bows & fancy stuff when it comes to christmas & wrapping  presents.
Now on with the show. I have for you today a lot that I’ve gone back and revisited, it was originally a secret santa gift for a member over at BPS back in 2010. The reason I revisited it was to just change the front of the house structurally, as it was one area that I wasn’t happy with and to just update furniture etc as it was pre pets, but I ended up giving it a a near complete makeover. Click  Here for pictures of the original lot.

So here is The Rushes V2

Happy Simming

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