Sunday, 31 March 2013

Just a Quick Note

If your are regular lurker or follower of my blog! Then you may have realised that I've deleted the photo's of the Market Square that I was in the middle of creating. Unfortunately I've had problems with my game, so I decided to bite the bullet & did a complete uninstall & reinstall  but I forgot to save the square, I will have another attempt at creating it, but I just don't know when! But I am hoping to have a makeover dorm ready & uploaded sometime in April!
Happy Simming!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Updated:- The Brew House For University

Hi Simmers!
I've updated my Brew House that's available over at BPS. I've added the Barista from University Life & I've made some other changes too! It's also being relaunched as Starbucks Coffee House.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Little Bit of Loving

Hi Simmers! It's been a while since my last update, I'm afraid I've had my nose buried in my Kindle instead of simming.
But I'm back now with a St Augustus Church & Tithe Barn. The Tithe Barn being a place to have your wedding receptions or just for your sims to have a damn good knees up Lol! I started this lot some time ago, but I wanted to wait for St Claire to be updated with seasons which Sarah aka Awesims has kindly done. I built the church on top of the hill, by moving the equestrian centre to another empty lot.
I would like to say A Big Thank You to Luna for making me some Stained Glass Windows that I requested and for making some superb Gothic/Cemetery creations because with out these this lot would not have been possible.
Lot Size :- 64x50
I have all Ep's& Sp's apart from Katy Perry's sweet treats and by game is updated to 1.48. I've not bothered with the 1.50 as I'll wait until  I get University so I can just do it all in one go!
You will need from the EA store The Romanza Ceremony & Reception Set
, Al Fresco Street Market &  Monte Vista  for the Poppies to show up.

Now unfortunately I can't load a Slideshow because photobucket decided not to allow us to make them with the new Beta version of their site, which I'm not happy about as I pay for my account and for me I think that the Slideshow would be more important that adding the new create a story system, this they could have added at a later date. So it's back to a couple of screenshots and a link to the album. Sorry!

PS I am  now a  Resident Artist at a great little site Sailfinsims, so why not drop by & check out what we have to offer or just  say hello!