Monday, 27 May 2013

Brunel Hall

Hi Peeps!
Well it's been awhile since I uploaded anything here, so I hope what I have for you was worth the wait Lol!!
So I bring to you a really modern dormitory for your studying sims. So you need to have University to be able to download this lot!!.

Here's a run down of the rooms.
8 Bedrooms with en-suite
Communal Rooms:-
Kitchen with Breakfast Bar.
Massage Room with Solarium
Games room
2 Seating Areas in Entrance Hall.

Basketball Court
Golf Putt
Football Goal
Refuse Area
8 Parking Spaces
8 Bike Racks
Numerous Seating Areas.

Content that is required
Rim Rockin Basketball Hoop
For the Steam it up Sauna
Sunlit Tides (Standard)
Infinite Zen Massage Table
Sunlit Tides ( Gold )
garden-of's Brunel Hall album on Photobucket

The following Games & Stuff Packs I have installed, be warned I've tried to use as much EA stuff where possible.

Any problems then drop me a line, I won't bite I promise you Lol!!

Update:- As you can see in the comments, one down loader has had problems with CC now showing up in the lot, So I've uploaded  a file which contains the most of the CC that I used to create this lot! The only things I didn't include were all the patterns as most of mine are installed using the launcher, so for all intents & purposes they should show up & small CC like books, pans, bottles etc. Please Note that you need to install the CC before installing the lot. I'm sorry for any inconvience that this may have caused.
Hugs & Happy Simming!


  1. Where is the fences, railing and fences from?

  2. They are by Marcus @ MS91 Designs I would definitely recommend for you to check out all his creations if you like really modern stuff

    1. Thx for your answer and thx for your great work!

  3. This is awesome, Sue. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Thank you! to you both I'm glad you like it!! Valpre if your ever looking to have some lots built! give me a shout as I wouldn't mind doing some for your awesome stories ;) Love & Hugs

    1. You'll wish you hadn't offered, because now I'll trouble you all the time. Seriously though, thanks for the offer. And as a matter of fact, I am looking for a lot, more like a park, somethings woodsy. As soon as I have sorted it out in my mind, I'll give you a shout. Thanks again.

    2. Hi Sue,

      I realized the lot isn't really going to need much, it's just woods, but if you are up for it, and your offer still stands I was looking at something similar to these two pics:

      Thanks in advance if you decide to create it.

  5. This place looks gorgeous; can't wait to try it out in my game! Thank you ever so much. xxxx

  6. Why the custom content doesnt show in the dormitory? ): i mean i got it in buy mode but i have to place it, how can i fix it? >.<

  7. Can you tell me what it is that's not showing up? so I can help you solve this issue. Hugs!

    1. The CC isn't showing. i think it may be just for me.. I don't know, I actually got your coffee and he CC shows good. But in the dormitory it shows like this:

      Maybe i did something wrong? The CC is in the buy mode, I'm pretty sure. Thank you, I love your designs <3

  8. Hi! Unfortunately it looks like you have a couple of stuff packs missing, as the spot lamps from Town Life are missing & the sofa's from Diesel that I used in the living area are also missing. Can I ask if you have Night Life? as I can't make out whether the lights are showing around the edge of the roof and one if the Night Lights was the base for the wall lamps that are placed on the colums. Please see following photo The awards for the trophy case you'll find in the buy debug mode. For eveything else, I've uploaded a file with all the CC, you'll find link is under the lot download in the main post, please read the update before downloading. Sorry for inconvenience this may have caused. Please let me know how you get on?! Hugs Sue

    1. Yes, That's right! >.< I don't have any stuff pack, i got only all the expansions pack (including Late at night) I will download the CC stuff, and i will be update you about it! ^^ Thanks for helping me and without bite me haha

    2. It works, All the CC is now showing :) Thanks a lot!

  9. {Thanks for helping me and without bite me haha} Lol!!
    Your welcome! I'm really glad that it's working for you & Thanks for letting me know! Hugs Sue

  10. Wow Sue, the final result is just incredible!

    Eh, maybe you will succeed in making me like the Sims 3 and the ultra saturated colors! LoL


    THE GiRL WiTH THE PAN... ;)