Saturday, 26 April 2014

I'm Addicted!! Lol

Starbucks & Hardy's Wine Bar
Yep it's all Sailfindragon's fault!! She's made me a coffee addict! Until I got to know her I was tea total, Lol! So hence my second Starbucks lot, but it also comes with a wine bar & resturant. This is a makeover of the java hut lot in based in the University world.
I have all EPs & SPs except for Sweet Treats & Movies.
Store Content Used:
Business as Usual Bistro

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Lot Size 30x40

Any problems please don't hesitate in dropping me a line.

Happy Simming!!


  1. I'm loving this lot. I do have to ask where you got the pattern on the floor tiles, that's not an EA pattern, is it?

    1. (the exterior stone tile.)

    2. Hiya I hope all is well with you!. Thank you I'm glad you like the lot. As for the pattern your in luck because I actually remember where I got it from Because I haven't got a clue where most of my patterns are from Lol

    3. Love it! Just gorgeous. But you couldn't possibly be blaming me for your coffee addiction, could you? ROFL

    4. Thank you Sailfindragon Snuggles & as the four legged Churchill would say " Oh Yes " Lol