Friday, 25 April 2014

It's Been A While

Hello Peeps,
The lot I have for you, was originally going to be part of a Build 'n' Share event, which I was invited to participate in by a friend of mine Faith Of Kaela over on FB a month or so ago. Unfortunately due to RL I couldn't complete it, plus I was having a problem keeping within budget, well what can I say!! I'm a woman & I have expensive tastes Lol!! But I've finally finished it, the only thing that's left from the initial build is the garden as it was suppose to be low maintenance, in a feng shui kind of style, windows & some of the doors.
I have all EPs & SPs except for Sweet Treats & Movies.

Store Content Used:
Midnight Hollow (Pretty Porch Fencing)
Standard or Gold
Dragon Valley (Heather Plant)
Standard or Gold
Monte Vista (Peasant's Potted Plants)
Standard or Gold
Sunlit Tides (Tropical Water Lily Light)
Standard or Gold
Prism Art Studio (L Shaped Staircases)
Bohemian Garden (Wonderfully Woven Hanging Chair)

Click Here For More Photo's 

Lot Size 20x30


Any problems please don't hesitate in dropping me a line.

Happy Simming!!

Since uploading I have found that my sims couldn't use the bed, so I've made some alterations to make it usable. Please see photo below.


  1. the download button goes to photobucket

  2. Oops!! I'm really sorry about that! It's now fixed

  3. Beautiful house! <3 Thank you for sharing sweetie. :)

  4. Thank you Mimi!! Snuggles 😙

  5. Where is the brick wallpaper from?

  6. Can I ask which one you are referring to? As some look like brick but it's a wallpaper with an added pattern

  7. Hi Hobnobs & Plumbobs, sorry for the delay in replying, The house has 1 bedroom.